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Dr. Giuditta Macchi
Registered Dietitian
Merone | Varese | Online



Graduated in Dietetics at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milan with honors, I am a clinical dietitian experienced in outpatient and hospital settings.


I develop counseling and nutritional plans for overweight, obesity, well-being and for main clinical pathologies (diabetes, dyslipidemia, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, kidney and liver diseases, inflammatory bowel diseases, celiac disease, intolerances and allergies) .


I offer consultation and nutrition education services for adults, children, teenagers, families and athletes.

I have been a Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach and National Judge for the Italian Gymnastics Federation for over 20 years.


  • Nutritional counseling

  • Weight loss and well-being

  • Nutritional education

  • Highly personalized meal plans and weekly menus

  • Consulting for athletes

  • Consulting for specific pathologies

  • Support for food allergies and intolerances

I am registered in the Italian Professional Order of Medical Radiology Health Technicians and Technical Health Professionals, Rehabilitation and Prevention (TSRM and PSTRP) of Milan, Como, Lecco, Lodi, Monza Brianza, Sondrio, in the Professional Register of Dietitians, with number 463.

Registration for "Macchi Giuditta Chiara" is verifiable CLICKING HERE.


Community services

  • ATS Brianza, Lecco (Health Protection Agency)

Scholarship for the Active3 project, a research project on nutrition and physical activity in Lecco area population. Questionnaires formulation on eating habits; data administration, collection and processing. Public utility media messages design on healthy food and nutrition.

Dietetic service

  • ASST Fatebenefratelli Sacco, Milan

  • San Paolo Hospital, Milan

Consultations and nutritional plans to achieve ideal weight, eating and nutrition disorders, food allergies and intolerances, nutrition in pregnancy, bariatric surgery, post-surgery, nutritional treatment of the main clinical pathologies, i.e. diabetes, gastrointestinal and digestive system pathologies. Intervention for cronic kidney disease. Use of specific tools for anthropometric and bio-impedance measurement. Participation in informational courses about nutritional supplementation.

Catering service

  • A. Manzoni Hospital, Lecco

  • Vivenda S.p.A.

Collective catering for school and hospital canteens, special meals preparation, management of foodstuffs, technical layout and sanitary supervision (HACCP).

My priority is to understand the patient's wishes and needs, along a path that gives all necessary tools to maintain a sustainable and long-term nutritional and psychophysical well-being.

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During the visits I collect your eating habits and your anthropometric parameters. We will then agree upon your nutritional goals together. The highly personalized nutritional plan will be delivered to you within 7 working days. Depending on individual needs, we will schedule regular checkups.


Do you need clues about how to organize your nutrition? Are you often away for work and you have little time to prepare your meals? Do you have doubts and questions about your diet? Are you an athlete and having special needs? Do you suspect to have intolerances to some foods and don't know how to manage them? Individual counsultation may be the right path for you.


Aimed especially at children, teenagers and their families, but also for sports groups and school classes, during educational interventions we will see together how to best organize nutritional needs for the whole family, without forgetting multiple aspects involved in your daily life.



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Martina, Varese

"Competent and professional, she understood my needs and helped me taking into account my preferences. Super good!"

Silvia, Varese

“I work in shifts and therefore find organizing my meals very difficult sometimes. Doctor Macchi managed to teach me a food path aligned with my needs. Attentive and fiendly. I recommend her for her skills and kindness."

Federico, Erba

"A no-stress diet that helped me to feel good in the present and maintain it over time. Thanks for all the advice!"


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